The Cottages - Introduction

The CottagesThe Cottages provide the ultimate freedom in second home ownership.

Private Residence Club ownership embraces the true spirit of vacationing. Luxury. Exclusivity. Freedom. Amenities. Service. Relaxation. Your ownership at The Cottages will take the form of deeded interest in either a two or four bedroom residence. Forever. Our “tried and true” reservation system will allow you to pre-reserve your vacation time each year in a format that provides equitable access to desired times of the year for all owners. Better still, you can return and stay as often as you like accessing “space available” vacation time throughout the year. Based on availability, your access is unlimited. Short stays or longer stays, it’s your choice.

In addition to Family Memberships, there is the option to purchase an Executive Membership, which up to 4 individuals can be assigned each year to enjoy the benefits of ownership. And you’re not limited to the use of one Cottage, in fact, you can stay in any of the Cottages of the same type as your purchase. Of course, let’s not forget that you are a Member of this highly acclaimed golf course every time you are in residence. You could look at this as an equity golf club membership that just happens to include a wonderful home when you are here.